We Need Your Help - Consider Becoming a Host Family

Host families are an integral part of any summer-collegiate baseball team, and are the lifeblood the team’s success. The Spuds roster is comprised of college athletes from across North America, who will all call Casper home for two and a half months in the summer.
As a host family, you are providing a ‘home away from home’ for your player(s) during the Spuds season. In return, you will gain a memorable summer experience and most likely, a long lasting friendship. Host families often refer to their players as an adopted member of their family, as you form a bond that will last far beyond the end of the season. If you are interested in learning more, fill out the Host Family Interest Form at the bottom of this page.

Expectations of the Host Family:

  • Provide player with clean, safe home (bedroom, bed, bathroom, laundry access, parking space if needed)
  • Have food available for player
  • Provide player with clear household rules and expectations
  • Communicate with player and team staff if issues arise

Expectations of the Player(s):

  • Be respectful and appreciative to their hosts
  • Keep their room and personal space in a clean and orderly fashion
  • Provide their own health and personal care items
  • Minimize noise level of activities, including comings and goings, as to not disturb others in the house
  • Pay for their own expenses outside the home (gas money, restaurant meals, shopping other than groceries)

Expectations of the Spuds Baseball organization:

  • Maintain prompt and open communication regarding any questions or concerns that may arise, or any change in player placements
  • Provide host families with season tickets, discounted merchandise, and other included perks


Most players will arrive during the second week of May and stay through the conclusion of the season in early August. Due to school schedules or college team commitments, some may arrive later in the season or depart earlier. Some players may also be added and released for various reasons during the season, so we appreciate flexibility and willingness to take in a new player if this should happen.


With a full schedule of 54 games (30 home, 24 away), players will spend much of the summer traveling with the team on the road. While the team is in Casper, the Spuds will provide players a pre-game and post-game meal on each game-day. As a host family, YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO FEED PLAYERS! Having snacks or fresh fruit available is suggested. Players will generally report to the ballpark mid to late afternoon on game-days, and will also participate in community appearances, workouts, and other activities throughout the day.


Host families will not be responsible for player transportation. Many players will have their own car. For those that do not, we will place them with or near another player that does have transportation for carpooling.

Player’s Free Time:

Our players main purpose for being here is baseball. Their schedule will consist of practices, games, and long road trips. With their limited free time, you may invite them to participate in some family activities with you, but please keep in mind their busy schedule. Our coaching staff takes pride in recruiting players who will be positive role models in the Casper community. Players sign a code of conduct and will understand that they are to positively represent themselves, their school, and the Spuds organization always.


We understand summer is a busy time for many families which may include vacations or weekends at the lake. We ask that in preparation for this time away, you have food and meals available for the player, and provide player with all appropriate keys, access codes, and protocol for all necessary household operations while you’re away.


In addition to our players, we are also looking for host families to house our interns for the 2021 season. Our interns will be college students who are pursuing a career in the sport industry. While interns will not travel with the team, their schedule will consist of working each Spuds home game, with additional office hours and community appearances throughout the season. Interns will arrive in mid-May and stay through the conclusion of the season. Interns will be expected to follow the same rules and expectations as players regarding their host families.

Host Family Appreciation Night: 

Each season, we will honor our host families in an on-field ceremony Spuds home game. More information will be passed along as this date approaches.

Please take a moment to fill out the application form below.
NOTE: All host family applicants will be subject to an in-home interview and background check.