So you’re gonna be a Spud!

Welcome to Spuds Baseball, next we need to announce you to the world!

We will need a few things…

  • A head shot of you (preferably in your college gear) or an action photo of you in your college gear. Try to make them clear picture, not other promotional pieces.
  • A Spuds Hype video – Be sure that this video is taken in Landscape (horizontal) orientation.

Here is a few Tips on Making the Video…

  • Be over the top with enthusiasm!
  • Tell us your name
  • Tell us what college you go to
  • Tell us about yourself
  • And finally, tell us what your favorite way to eat a potato ( French fries, poutine, mashed, smashed )!

Hulk Hogan:

Talk directly to the fans and people of Canyon County Idaho…let these people see your personality and want to buy your jersey in the merchandise store. (Maybe do the video while hitting in the cage, have a friend video it.) Think WWE wrestler looking for a title shot!

IMPORTANT: Please email Player Name as well as headshot and Hype Video to Thank you.

Most important…HAVE FUN!

Please be sure to include a link to the song on You Tube. CLEAN VERSION ONLY
IMPORTANT: Please be sure your video is taken in LANDSCAPE (horizontal) orientation.
IMPORTANT: Be sure that this is a high quality photo taken with good lighting.